2YY2 tribute to RUSH, in concert

Rush is undoubtedly a cult group in Spain and much part of Europe. Maybe it’s because, despite being one of the big bands of rock worldwide, they never visited our country on their tours during their 41-year career. It is a group revered everywhere and it is a shame that we´ll never again have the opportunity to see them live as Neil Peart (his drumer) is retired from music. Luckily, from Malaga we have 2YY2, a tribute band to the mythical RUSH. The group is composed by Manuel Correro (guitar and voices), Enrique Antequera (bass) and Dani Gut (drums), a total of three musicians imitating the original Canadian trio perfectly.
Do not miss the opportunity to listen to the music of Rush, a reference for progressive rock worldwide. Granada, Barcelona and Madrid are the chosen cities.

  • September 21th, Granada, sala Planta Baja. Concert conjunt amb Iron Dicks, tribute to Iron Maiden. More info.
  • Novembre 8th, Barcelona, sala Monasterio. More info.
  • Novembre 9th, Madrid, Barracudas Rock Bar. More info.
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