Neverland Concerts is a concert promoter specialized in tribute bands. Since 2020 we organize concerts with reference bands in the country, some pioneers of the tribute genre in Spain such as Abbey Road (The Beatles), with more than 30 years of career, or others also with incredible fidelity to the sound and staging with respect in the original bands such as The Logical Group (Supertramp) or Please I Love U2.

Abbey Road

Tribute to The Beatles

The Logical Group

Tribute to Supertramp

Please U2

Tribute to U2


Tribute to Dire Straits

Viento del Norte

Tribute to Mocedades and El Consorcio


Tribute to Héroes del Silencio

El Último Tributo

Tribute to El Último de la Fila

La Reina del Pop

Tribute to La Oreja de Van Gogh

Smoking Stones

Tribute to Rolling Stones

Mr. Dynamite

Tribute to James Brown


Tribute to Rush

The Watch

Tribute to Genesis
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