Tribute to El Último de la Fila

El Último Tributo

The spirit of EL ÚLTIMO DE LA FILA!

The great successes of Manolo García and Quimi Portet again with us live at the hands of EL ÚLTIMO TRIBUTO.

As if it were an irony, or as if it were an allusion to the biblical mandate, one of the greatest successes in the Spanish music scene of all time has been, without a doubt, by the group EL ÚLTIMO DE LA FILA. The formation led by Manolo García together with Quimi Portet, managed to rise as one of the reference groups in our country, shaping the soundtrack of the youth of many of us, and their successes are still valid today in all radio stations. nationals.

For these reasons, it was decided to bring together a series of young professional musicians in Barcelona, ​​to pay the tribute that both Manolo García and his numerous admirers and unconditional fans deserve. EL ÚLTIMO TRIBUTO was the name they chose for the group, and since they began their successful career in 2007, they have not stopped reaping successes at a national level, being nominated in 2012 for the ARC music awards as the band with the best covers tour.

EL ÚLTIMO TRIBUTO is cataloged as one of the best tribute bands in the country. All those who enjoyed the music and lyrics of El ÚLTIMO DE LA FILA in the 1980s and 1990s, and continue to do so today, have a must-see with EL ÚLTIMO TRIBUTO, which offers a review of the entire discography of El ÚLTIMO DE LA FILA. the queue and makes us relive a magical stage. Their repertoire transports us through time and gives us the opportunity to once again enjoy the most emblematic songs of the legendary Spanish pop-rock band.

The success lies in its powerful direct, with a sound very faithful to the original in all its nuances. The voice comes to move the followers of MANOLO GARCÍA due to its great resemblance. Nobody stays the same after the experience of an EL ÚLTIMO TRIBUTO concert.

Don’t miss any manolero, don’t miss it, because none of the hits from EL ÚLTIMO DE LA FILA will be missing either!

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