Family show

Beatles for Kids

Music, games and narrations are combined in this proposal that will bring us closer to the music of the most famous group in the history of pop.

Beatles for Kids is a concert aimed at family audiences where young and old can dance and even sing the hits of the legendary Liverpool quartet.

Abbey Road, considered one of the best non-English-speaking Beatles tribute bands, with an impeccable sound and a repertoire focused, above all, on the great hits of the British group of the first half of the 60s, offers us a concert one hundred percent interactive where kids can also play and dance.

Abbey Road is composed by:

  • Adrián Ghiardo (Paul McCartney): guitars, bass, vocals and keyboards.
  • Jordi Expósito (John Lennon): guitars, vocals and keyboards.
  • Ferran Corbalán (George Harrison): guitars, bass, vocals and keyboards.
  • Carlos Moreno (Ringo Star): drums and vocals.
  • Emma Bassas: show conductor.

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