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  • After discussing with the group the situation of the Covid-19 in Spain, we have decided to postpone the concerts in Barcelona and Madrid for 2021. We want to do th

  • Arena’s communication regarding 2020 tour postponed until 2021’s “It is with great regret that we have had to postpone the 2020 tour until 2021.

  • Yesterday ARENA gave more details about his next album on which they will be occupied during 2020. The 10th studio album will be titled The Theory of Molecular Inh

  • Com ja és tradició, Pendragon portarà el seu propi teloner en la nova gira. Sempre sol ser un sol músic i en aquest cas l’escollit és Matt Young que actuarà

  • The prog band ARENA has been in the photo studio of Kylan Amos (the bass player of the group) doing a photo shoot to support some promotional news. Clive Nolan (ke

  • Pendragon will release a new studio album early 2020. The album is called Love Over Fear and takes the whole sound and way of listening to music back to a time whe

  • It’s an honor for Neverland Concerts to announce one of the most anticipated concerts of next year. One of the best tributes in the world to The Beatles, Abb

  • Abbey Road is, without any doubt, one of the best tributes in the world to The Beatles. On stage they achieve incredible fidelity to the original voices and sound,

  • Progsiders is a band that on his concerts covers songs from three of the big bands of the progressive music: Pink Floyd, Genesis and Marillion. Their concerts, wit