Please U2 Barcelona

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Please U2
Please U2 Barcelona
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Pioneers of the tribute movement along with Abbey Road and the Smoking Stones, they are the benchmark U2 show in our country. On this occasion they will offer us an especial concert for their 25 years as a tribute band, 25 years in the name of U2.

Their concerts, now with a spectacular visual production, will remind you of the great tours of the most important Irish band in rock history. The powerful voice of Miki Fargas, with an incredible resemblance to Bono’s, and the masterful execution of the rest of the band (Edu Zafra himself also has the same physiognomy as The Edge), will make you remember the authentic U2. You will close your eyes and travel to Dublin thinking that you have the real thing in front of you! A tribute made from the heart that manages to impress and move the most skeptical public, thanks to an impressive staging, impeccable musicians and hymns that are the flag of several generations.

They have been an Official Tribute Band since 1999, selected by the original band’s own record company to promote the records Hits 90-2000 (2002) and How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb (2004) through tours on the best venues in the country in the absence of the irish.
They have played at the most influential festivals such as Guitar Bcn, Cruïlla, Arts D’Estiu Pineda de Mar-Santa Susana, as well as in fashionable venues (Barts, Apolo, Luz de Gas, etc.)

25 years of career as a guarantee of success. A Life dedicated to U2.

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