Progsiders – Tribute to Pink Floyd, Genesis and Marillion

Progsiders is a band that on his concerts covers songs from three of the big bands of the progressive music: Pink Floyd, Genesis and Marillion. Their concerts, with lasers and large-screen projections customized for each song, are a true recreation of the prog spirit. His repertoire consists mainly of songs from the glorious decade of the 70s, but they also include some classics from the 80s and 90s, and even make some nod to the 21st century.

Last year they appeared in society for the first time at El Siglo in Sant Cugat del Vallès with an excellent response from the local public. Finally, Progsiders arrives in Barcelona this 2019 and will play in the auditorium of Calabria 66 cultural center on November 22.

  • Date: 22 de novembre
  • Time: 21:30h
  • Place: Barcelona
  • Venue: Calabria 66 (carrer Calabria 66, Barcelona)
  • Price: 6€

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